So who are Andrew Batey & Sons?

People often ask Andy:

“So, will your sons be joining you on the job?”


Well, time we fessed up.  The sons are well, a bit too young to take up the roller just yet.  With the youngest not even able to hold a spoon, you probably wouldn’t want him helping (although he is very cute).


So who are Andrew Batey and Sons really?

Apart from the children, there’s of course Andy, the boss.  The master of his own empire.  His hobbies include movies, WWII history, cooking, being Dad and enjoying his homeland, Northumberland.  Then there’s me, Claire, the wife, full-time Mum, wannabe portrait photographer and perfect housewife (very much work in progress), part-time website developer and marketing lady.  So, if you call our land line, it’s probably me you’ll speak to first.

It was my idea to add the “and sons” to the business name.  It reminded me of better times.  When we went to greengrocers, bakers and butchers and they all had “and sons.”  And the sons actually worked there or at least took over when they got older.  It’s nice to know you’re using a true family business.  Especially a local one.  It feels a little easier handing over your hard earned cash when you know it’s going to a local family man.

So, that’s us.  The Bateys.  We’re a friendly bunch, so please say hi next time you see us about!


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