How to prepare for the decorators

It might sound like a silly question, but have you thought about how you’ll prepare your home before the decorators arrive?  So many people don’t.  And then it gets to Monday morning, the tradesmen are coming, and you realise the kids toys are still on the floor, Granny’s antiques are still on mantelpiece and your John Lewis curtains are still hanging.

So, to avoid that 7am Monday morning nightmare, here’s our little guide on how to prepare your home for the decorators (or any other tradesman for that matter).


Whilst a gorgeous collection, if your home looks like this, you may need to consider decluttering before the tradesmen arrive!  Image:
Whilst a gorgeous collection, if your home looks like this, you may need to consider decluttering before the tradesmen arrive! Image:


Warn the neighbours!

There could be noise from the sander, parking issues if you have street parking, and tradesmen coming and going.  It’s best to just to be courteous and let the neighbours know [if you’re in close proximity or live in a flat with shared access].  And, if your home is undergoing a major renovation, a box of chocolates or bottle of wine probably wouldn’t go amiss either!


Save your parking space.

When tradesmen come to work, they’ll need somewhere to park. Parking round the corner is not a good idea when you have heavy tools to carry.  So, it’s best to find someway to save a parking space if you have street parking.  Similarly if you have a driveway, think about the easiest door for your decorator to use and move your car(s) to help.  He may have to carry ladders!


Clear the work space.

Decorators can a clear a room, but this should be discussed in advance so that your decorator can allow time in his estimate.

However, we would advise that as a minimum, your valuables are packed away.  If a tradesman were to break something, how would you feel?  Of course, larger pieces of furniture can sometimes be impossible or very difficult to move, in which case, at Andrew Batey and sons, we always ensure that they are fully protected.


Give your decorator some personal space.

We all need a break!  So, when the decorators arrive, it might be nice to show them a private area where they can enjoy their lunch and a cup of tea.  Perching on a ladder and breathing in paint fumes whilst enjoying an egg mayo sarnie (Andy’s favourite) isn’t ideal.  But most tradesmen will be too shy to ask otherwise!  In my experience, it also bodes well to provide all tradesmen with a selection of biscuits (Hobnobs always go down a treat!) and a a few cups of tea.  Obviously if you’re out for the day, just let them know where they can find a mug and a kettle.  Normally the kitchen!

And that’s it.  Follow these steps and you’ll be very popular with your decorators and other trades people.  And whilst it is a little extra work for you, it will make your life easier in the long run.  And hey, after the works finished . . . you can put your feet up!

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