Did we tell you, we’re dust free?



There’s nothing worse than cleaning up after a messy tradesman.  Dust can get everywhere, even with the doors closed.  At Andrew Batey & Sons, we strive to go above and beyond to reduce the traces we leave behind, hence we invested in a pretty amazing bit of kit . . . The Festool Sander and Dust Extractor.

ashmount (5)

Not only does it make the clean-up easier, it’s much healthier for you and me!  The Festool Sander and Dust Extractor reduces the amount of dust created during the prep work by a whopping 95%.  So I breathe in less whilst at work, and there’s little or no remnants when you walk through the door.  Everyone’s happy!

So, if you’re looking for a decorator in the Tyne Valley area, who appreciates a clean workspace and happy customers, give us a call.


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