Upcycling furniture



It seems that shabby and rustic chic are here to stay. In fact the look seems to be getting stronger.

I think they particularly work as they are great at complementing other styles in your home. You don’t need an entire shabby chic room. In fact sometimes that can be a bit overkill and your home can start to look like a shop! But perhaps you have a fairly modern dining room? You could just add a little shabby chic by adapting a current piece of furniture and it can look quite effective.


At Andrew Batey & Sons, we love a upcycling furniture. It can bring a new lease of life to a piece you previously thought dated, tired or cheap! And all it takes is some imagination and some paint.

To upcycle something you no longer liked or perhaps a second-hand item you nabbed at a boot sale can be so much nicer than buying a repro item from an impersonal shop online. You’re creating something 100% original.

However, while we might have the inspiration, we don’t always have the time. That’s where we can help.


Enjoy perusing some of our latest furniture projects. And if you need some furniture painted alongside your forthcoming decorating project, don’t forget to ask!

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