How to create a romantic bedroom

It’s Valentine’s Day!  So time to set the mood. But is your bedroom up to it?

So many of us have bedrooms that aren’t quite finished.  Or are simply passed their best before date.  And that’s just not right.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Somewhere to retire to after a hard day at work.  Somewhere to escape to from the chaos that can be family life.  Somewhere to be a couple again.

At Andrew Batey & Sons, we think a bit of romance is paramount to a successful relationship.  So to help you celebrate this special occasion, here are a collection of tips to create a romantic bedroom as well as a collection of out favourite romantic bedrooms from across the internet.


How to set the mood

Tidy Up!

Your bedroom’s not a warehouse.  So put that stuff away.  Get everything up off the floor.  Invest in a decent wardrobe,  store everything that warrants it and clear out anything that doesn’t belong.  Then clear off the surfaces, keeping only what is meaningful or pretty. You don’t want to see anything that reminds you of chores or obligations. Everything your eye lands on should make you feel relaxed and confident.

Well lit!

Overhead lighting is notoriously unflattering. There’s nothing sexy about a well-lit room. You want shadows, highlights, and the soft glow of filtered light.  You need to look soft focus!  Use lamps with ivory shades, and bulbs should be no more than 60watts.  But for Valentine’s night, why not go all out and deck the room with candles – everyone looks great in soft light.

Cute scent!

You might not think it, but that laundry basket makes your bedroom stale, so move it to another room.  No dogs allowed, at least for Valentines.  And that bed, dress it with freshly ironed bed clothes lightly spritzed with scented linen water.  When you slip under those sheets you should feel like you’re in the Ritz, not a bedsit.  To top it off, why not light a scented candle?  The White Company have some gorgeous diffusers available although slightly pricey, Next, however have a large range available at very reasonable prices.


Anyone who doesn’t live in the real world will tell you to ditch the TV. But really, we all like snuggling watching movies in bed in winter.   But when you’re trying to set the mood, turn it off and turn on the tunes instead.

Romantic Bedroom Colour pallett

Finally, the Look!

You will see from our collection of favourite romantic bedrooms, that there’s no red in sight.   That would be a bit predictable!  Instead, the pallet features soft whites, creams, pinks and even earthy tones.  Andy will be happy to discuss any colour pallets with you, should your bedroom require an update.  Here are our top decorating tips to create your romantic retreat:

  • The bedroom is your own private sanctuary, so ditch the teddies, the memorabilia collections and the copious amounts of tiny pillows.  Instead, invest in a beautiful Baroque style mirror, which oozes romance, and quality Egyptian cotton bed linen.
  • Dress the bed in a selection of different textures.  You can do this fairly cheaply by visiting IKEA or Wilkinson, or buy investment pieces from The White Company or even antique French linen and lace from the internet.  But the overall affect will create a sense of luxury.
  • Personalise your room with interesting pieces.  Perhaps frame an old love letter.  Or a beautiful print of where your better half proposed to you.  Display small trinkets in a cabinet of curiosities.
  • And don’t forget the bed.  It’s best to invest in a quality frame and mattress as you spend every night there, but check out the images above for design ideas.  However, we really love the French Shabby Chic look.  Check out for some fabulous pieces.

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day from Andrew Batey and Sons.  And we hope you have been inspired.

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