Why bring in the professionals?

There are plenty of reasons why more and more people are opting for professionals to do the decorating work in their home instead of doing it themselves.

Can’t face removing those polystyrene tiles yourself?
We love to do the jobs you hate!

The common reason: we’re so busy!

Also, some of us are just simply scared of climbing tall ladders, especially to reach the top of the hallway.  Or we want to have the best quality finish, but we’re just not too capable with a shaky paintbrush!

Getting the professionals in doesn’t mean that you’re not involved though.  There’s still the decisions over the wallpaper, the paint colours, the style.  There’s still the swatches to go through and the moodboards to create.  You just don’t need to get your hands dirty.

But, if that’s even too much for you and you really can’t make the decision between cotton white and jasmine white, Andrew Batey & Sons does offer an interior advice service at the time of creating a quote.

Choosing your decorator

After you’ve rummaged through countless copies of Ideal Home magazine and created all those moodboards that the husband probably found “pointless,” the hardest job remains – to find a decent decorator.  Here are some tips to help you find the best decorator for your project:

  • Do your research.
  • Make a well-informed choice.
  • Meet them.
  • Get lots of quotes.  And in writing!
  • Make sure you gel.


Firstly, select the correct kind of decorator in your area.  Many decorators and painters are experts in different fields.  For instance, some prefer to work outdoors rather than indoors.  There are also some who prefer painting the house rather than putting up wallpaper.  Also, some specialise in giving the house a finishing touch by providing some great effects to the shade of your paint.

And then, here are some questions to ask:

  • Who is the one paying for the materials being supplied?
  • If it’s the duty of the decorator and painter to provide materials, make sure of the quality.
  • Does the payment include Value Added Tax?  (This is important as if it doesn’t, that could be a terrible surprise when the bill’s due!)
  • By whom is the work to be done? The guy who quoted himself or some other person?
  • What are the basic things to be done prior to commencing work?
  • If painting, how many coats are to be applied?
  • Who will move the furniture while the work is in progress?
  • By what time will the work be completed? Consider delay on account of bad weather for outdoor work.
  • Will the decorator visit your house to check what required before starting the work?
  • Is the decorator is trust-worthy enough to be handed over the keys, in case you are not available but don’t want your absence to affect the progress of your work.

In case of outdoor decoration, make lucid arrangements for the security. It may happen that while you are out, the decorators may leave while the window paint is still wet. This would mean that the decorator and painter would have to leave the window open which would cause security problems. So be clear on this.

Then check if the contractor is insured to be compensated for injury while the work is going on. As for the payment, be clear on terms of its time. Whether it is to be made in advance, in installments or on completion. That needs to be decided first!

These are the essential points that are to be remembered while searching for Painter Decorator.


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